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With Covid Rates Rising Again – Halo is the Answer!

IC Solutions 24/7 is the exclusive distributer of Halo throughout Europe

Disinfects whole rooms in 20 minutes, killing 99.9999% of pathogens

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Eliminates Pathogens

Halo operates at the molecular level as a forensic restoration and disinfectant solution, killing off infectious materials and remediating and controlling mould.

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Eco-safe & non-corrosive

Safely decomposes into environmentally-friendly disinfection biproducts - water, oxygen, and non-toxic silver complexes -making it safe for people and eco-friendly.


Superiour Effectiveness

Proven to achieve a 6-log kill rate in disinfection applications. In remediation applications, the formula is validated to reduce carbonaceous particles per cubic meter from 1,400 to zero.

The perfect solution to keep staff, visitors or customers safe

  • Trusted by NHS Hospitals across the UK
  • Keeping Shopping Centres free of Germs and Viruses
  • Reducing the Risk of Infection in Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Disinfecting Public Transport
  • Protecting the Vulnerable in Care Homes

Whatever your situation, IC Solutions 24/7 can help. With attractive leasing options available, as well as our Rapid Response call-out service, Halo is there when you need it!

Call today on 0247 634 7722 or email info@webdev.erudit.co.uk

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