Why should I fog my workplace?

2.workplaceWith an average of 25 million working days lost due to illness last year, costing the UK all in all nearly £10 billion*, you wonder how much employers are doing to prevent their staff from becoming ill within the workplace.

Well, by disinfecting your workspace, you can wave goodbye to all of the unpleasant germs that are living on the desk, door handles and even between the keys of your keyboard. You can prevent yourself and your employees from getting ill; allowing you to carry on with the day job without any hesitation. You can create an environment that is safe for both you and others to enter.

Primarily, it’s a preventative method.

Think of the work lost due to absent workers. The time that could be used helping grow your business that was wasted hiring temporary staff to cover their jobs.

An annual disinfection service costs a lot less than it does when staff are absent. You could be saving yourself from unnecessary costs by utilising this process within your workspace.

So, the next time someone you know is absent due to illness, think of fogging and the benefits it could provide.

*Source: HSE Website

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