The 5 Dirtiest Cities in the UK

Research conducted by ‘Good Move’ has highlighted some cities with homes and offices that really need to step up their cleaning regime. Never before has it been more important to eliminate germs.

5. Leeds

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As the dirties city in Yorkshire, only 64% of residents clean their toilet each week.

Just one fifth of people clean their homes on a weekly basis.

Only a quarter of people admit to cleaning their fridge one a year.

4. Edinburgh

edinburgh castle

Edinburgh is Scotland’s second dirtiest city.

Only 63% of bedding is changed every fortnight.

33% clean their homes twice a week or less.

Only 21% of people clean their fridge every month.

3. Glasgow

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Glasgow, Scotland’s dirtiest city sees only 60% of bedding changed every two weeks.

Nearly half of residents consider a complete cleaning regime to only include vacuuming, wiping surfaces and cleaning the bathroom.

Only 42% clean their fridge every month – and 23% only clean it once per year!

2. Nottingham


With only a fifth of residents cleaning their homes every two weeks, it’s no surprise that Nottingham come3s second in our list of dirtiest cities.

Three quarters of the microwaves in Nottingham are cleaned less than once per year.

27% only clean their floors with a mop or vacuum once a fortnight or less.

1. Southampton


The cone of shame goes to Southampton.

43% consider their complete cleaning regime to include include vacuuming, wiping surfaces and cleaning the bathroom.

Over half (52%) use the same bed sheets for two or more weeks.

59% only clean out cupboards once a year or less.

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