We offer a complete range of Disinfection Products – From -Whole Room Fogging Generators – Hand Foggers – Disinfection Accessories – Surface and Air Decontamination Systems and Total Release Foggers! 

Whole Room Fogging Generators

Halo Disinfection Unit with Drain

Our Halo Disinfection Unit effectively delivers a dry mist of concentrated disinfectant to every exposed surface within a room. The latest models now have a digitalised timer and the HaloLog app, to allow users to track the foggers treatment cycles straight…

Halo Disinfection Unit with Extended Nozzle

This Halo Disinfection Unit comes equipped with an extended nozzle, allowing for reach into areas where the machine itself will not fit. The latest model comes with a digitalised timer and the HaloLog app, to track the foggers treatment cycles.

HaloFogger FLX

 The HaloFogger FLX has flexible nozzle positioning capability for complete whole room disinfection from inside or outside the room being treated. The HaloFogger FLX provides flexibility in positioning the nozzle while maintaining the…

ULV Hand Foggers


Cobra ULV Cold Fogger 2680A

The Cobra 2680A ULV Cold Fogger is equipped with a flexible hose which enables users to spray into hard to reach areas i.e. cupboards.

The Cobra 2680A  has a very long usage life and is made from durable plastic.

Levanto Backpack ULV Fogger

The Levanto is the world’s first battery-powered backpack ULV Fogger, designed to help users spray large environments with ease.

Primarily used within the healthcare sector, offices and nurseries.

Environmental Room Disinfection Accessories


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to help protect the user during the disinfection process.


Door Warning Sign

PVC laminated, flame and weather resistant. It is located on spring-loaded PVC poles which have rubber end caps; providing maximum grip to prevent any scuffing of the door frame. 

Sentinel Halo Fogger Power Cord 220V

A 220V power cord for use with the Sentinel Halo Fogger.

It is a 5-meter-long power cord.

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectants

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectants designed to be used in conjunction with both the whole room and handheld disinfection foggers.

ICS Smoke Detector Cover and Pole

The Smoke Detector Cover and Pole is used to isolate smoke detectors and prevent the alarms from being triggered during the disinfection process.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Detection Meter

These devices monitor the levels of hydrogen peroxide gas within the room.

HVAC Room Ventilation Cover and Pole

The vent covers make the preparation of the room for fogging much easier and faster as there is no need for ladders.

Chemical Indicator Strips (50 Strips)

These strips are positioned within the room prior to the treatment. They are simple and a reliable method to visually confirm the coverage of the disinfecting mist that is dispensed during treatment.

Laser Distance Measurer

A quality laser measuring instrument which is used to measure out the dimensions (length, width and height) of the room that is to be treated. Easy to use; this product is battery powered.

Adhesive ‘Do Not Enter’ Sealing Tape

This adhesive tape is for sealing rooms during the disinfection process helping ensure that no unauthorised personnel are able to enter the room. This product can be used on any type of door frame. They are supplied in boxes of 24 rolls. Dimensions:..

Surface and Air Decontamination System


Ozone Generator

The ICS Ozone Generator is a portable, stainless steel device that removes bacteria which causes stagnant odours from the air within any room or vehicle.

Total Release Foggers & Dry on Contact Sanitising Spray

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