Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to help protect the user during the disinfection process.

Large and Medium Sized Masks

Small, Medium and Large sized silicon masks to prevent the inhalation of hydrogen peroxide gasses when carrying out fogging on a premises.

Medium Silicon Mask Product Code: 6800
Large Silicon Mask Product Code: 6900
Small Silicon Mask Product Code: 6700

Half Mask

The half mask covers mouth and nose, unlike the large and medium silicone masks which cover your whole face. The Half Mask works perfectly with our mask filters. This product is used in conjunction with our goggles.

Half Mask Product Code: 7500

Mask Filters

These are used in conjunction with our large, medium and half masks to prevent inhalation of any organic vapours and gases.

Mask Filters Product Code: 6057


Full vision goggles which adapt to the users face shape. This product is used in conjunction with our half masks.

Goggles Product Code: UVEX

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