HaloFogger FLX

Product Description

HaloFogger FLX

The HaloFogger FLX has flexible nozzle positioning capability for complete whole room disinfection from inside or outside the room being treated.
The HaloFogger FLX provides flexibility in positioning the nozzle while maintaining the precision of disinfectant delivery. The base FLX unit can be located outside the room being treated while the detachable nozzle operates inside the room. The nozzle assembly is detachable and additional hose assemblies can be purchased to facilitate the treatment of multiple spaces quickly and affrodably with a single base unit.

Product Code: HALO FLX

Features of the HaloFogger FLX

Extra-long hose allows the nozzle assembly to be positioned inside a closed room while the base unit remains outside of the sealed door.

Precise dispensing of aerosolised Halo Disinfectant ensures complete coverage of all exposed surfaces within the room being treated.

HaloFogger FLX

Hose Lenght: 12 foot

halofogger flx

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