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Hurricane Truck Mounted Fogger, Battery Powered ULV Cold Fogger / Sprayer

The Hurricane is a battery powered ULV Cold Fogger equipped with a handcart, allowing easy movement whilst spraying and can be mounted onto trucks in order to save on labour. It has an automatic, adjustable head that is able to rotate to up to 180˚ degrees horizontally and between 15˚ and 50˚ degrees vertically.

The Hurricane is easy to operate; it has 1 button for start and stop and can spray continuously for over five hours. It’s environmentally friendly, with a low vibration and low noise level. The Hurricane can save on labour by reducing workers exposure to chemicals that normally occurs when fogging by hand, through remote operation.

The Hurricane can be used for disinfection, pest control, protection of crops, and is suitable in indoor and outdoor environments such as stadiums,
shopping centres, transportation hubs, hospitals, warehouses etc.

Technical Specification:
• 600W, High-speed brushless electric motor
• 24V battery
• Automatic control
• High pressure centrifugal fan
• 990%<50µm spray droplet
• 0-50L/h, adjustable flow rate
• 70L chemical tank
• Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1110 x 900 x 1170 mm
• 186 Kg (including battery)
• Packing dimension – 1380 x 860 x 1560 mm
• 250 Kg (Packing weight)

Weight 250 kg


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