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Halo Whole Room Fogging Generator

H2O2 Disinfection Unit with Data Logger


Excellence that delivers complete coverage throughout the area being treated.

Hands-free whole room surface disinfection at the touch of a button.

30 minute Treatment Time!

Effectively delivers a dry mist of a concentrated disinfectant to every exposed surface in a room with just the touch of a button.

Based on the sizing of the area, the Halo Disinfection Unit is able to deliver a precise amount of aerosolised disinfectant which is able to treat every exposed surface and reach into areas other disinfectant methods may miss.

This machine can be deployed to easily treat standard room sizes found in healthcare, care homes, science facilities, education etc.

Treatment time can be as little as 30 minutes which is based on 10 minutes spray time and 20 minutes contact time.

This model now comes with a drain feature enabling users to empty the disinfectant with ease.

This machine weighs only 22.5kg, and it also has two wheels and a comfortable handle to allow easy mobility around buildings of all sizes.

The Halo units now have a digital timer.

Technical Data:
• Treatment Room Size – up to 10,000ft³ / 300m³
• Fog Time – 10-60 minutes
• Fluid Output – 50ml / minute
• Target Dose Concentration – 11ml/m³
• Average coverage per litre of disinfectant – 3,000 ft³/ 86m³


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