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Cobra 2680A Portable Fogging Machine & Sprayer for Disinfectants & Insecticides

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This High Performance CE Approved Portable Electric ULV Cold Fogger produces one of the lowest micron particle size for more efficient fogging of aerial disinfectants, bactericides, viricides, insecticides, pesticides, deodorants and humidification etc.

The combination of adjustable valve and the tornado action nozzle allows you treat areas as small as a truck cab up to large areas 30 feet or more directionally from a single point.

Adjustable flow control allows users to control the quantity, particle size and direction of the output providing adjustment of the chemical discharge from Ultra Low Volume (ULV) to a mist.

At 5 microns this fogger will use about 40ml per minute. Compare this to a fogger with a minimum of 20 microns which will use 4 times the amount of chemical.

The Cobra 2680A features a stronger flexible hose, and a stronger motor, with a durable structure design competent for a longer spraying time whilst keeping a stable and reliable spray quality.

The Cobra 2680A is equipped with a flexible hose with a directing handle to enable users to spray into hard to reach areas i.e. between cabinets, above ceilings and into ducts.

It’s equipped with a adjustable flow regulator to get the required flow rate and fog droplet size.

The Cobra 2680A can spray all water based chemicals, such as insecticides, pesticides, disinfectants and used in a variety of different environments.

This product is mains powered.

Technical specification:
• 800W, 220V Electrical Motor
• Swirl Nozzle
• 5-50µm, adjustable partcle size
• 0-24 L/h, adjustable flow rate
• 5L tank capacity
• 4.0Kg weight when empty

Weight 5 kg


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