Halo Whole Room Fogging Generator

(H2O2 Disinfection Unit with Data Logger)

Excellence that delivers complete coverage throughout the area being treated.

Hands-free whole room surface disinfection at the touch of a button.

30 minute Treatment Time!


The Halo Fogger delivers complete surface disinfection throughout a Room Size up to 10,500 ft  / 300 cubic metres at the touch of a button.

The Halo Fogger can be deployed to easily treat various room sizes found in everyday workplaces including offices, healthcare, retail, community care facilities, as well as in nurseries, education, sports facilities, food production sites and anywhere that people gather!. 

The dry mist fog dispensed from the Halo Fogger covers every exposed surface within the room being treated.

Everyone Can Benefit from the Halo Effect


Disinfecting thoroughly is a significant challenge because many traditional solutions lack the efficiency and efficacy required for the prevention of hospital-acquired infections. It takes but a few remaining pathogens left by traditional cleaning to expose facilities, patients and visitors to dangerous pathogens.


Due to close quarters and sharing of supplies, students and teachers alike are at high risk of contracting harmful infections like COVID 19, Norovirus, Flu, Rhinovirus, and MRSA whether in classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, bathrooms. And countless spaces and places in need of an effective disinfectant.


Whether you operate a GP surgery, a Vets practice or a Dental Practice there is an obvious risk of pathogens living on surfaces in the surgery. Imagine the convenience of a deep clean out of hours so that the environment becomes safe for staff, visitors and customers.

Other Sectors That Would Benefit

Doctors & Vets



Features – Technical Information

Proven To Reduce Infection Rates

Non-corrosive (compared with alternatives)

Safe on/near Electronics

Electronics often can be damaged with liquid cleaning whereas with dry mist fogging there is no liquids involved. SO SAFE!

Complex Spaces & Places

 The Halo Fogger uses Dry mist and reaches inaccessible spaces traditional cleaning cannot reach so the disinfection is a complete one.

 Delivering the highest possible effectiveness on the market today, the system is proven to kill 99.9999% of a wide variety of fungi, viruses, and bacteria

Save on Disinfecting Costs – Because the unit is simple to operate not requiring a team of cleaners to wash wipe or dry surfaces

Other Halo Fogger Products to Consider

Halo EXT Fogging Generator

Like the FLX, the nozzle assembly is detachable and additional assemblies can be purchased to facilitate rapid treatment.

HaloFogger FLX Disinfection Unit

The base FLX unit can be located outside the room being treated while the detachable nozzle operates inside the room

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