Month: July 2017

- When should I call in a fogging service and when should I carry out the fogging process myself? -

As we discussed in our last blog ‘Can I carry out the fogging process myself?’ depending on your requirements will depend on which type of fogging you would choose.

We recommend calling in a whole room disinfection service every six to twelve months for hospitals, workplaces, nurseries and offices. IC Solutions 24/7 Limited are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so will always be on hand to carry out a fogging service whenever a company requires it. This includes emergency disinfections and responses to outbreaks.

All of our technicians are fully trained and DBS checked, using the correct personal protective equipment when the fogging in progress.

We always aim to work efficiently and swiftly when carrying out the fogging process on site.

Total Release Foggers are used by valeter’s and other businesses which require a quick turnaround time, such as holiday parks. This is due to the dry on contact feature that some of the Total Release Foggers have, which means that they don’t have to wipe away any residue that all other cleaning products have. They are safe to use on electronic equipment and fabrics, reducing time wasted having to move out all furniture and computers, televisions etc. before cleaning can begin.  Like the handheld units, the Total Release Foggers don’t require training before they can be used but we do provide instructions when purchased.

The Cobra and Levanto units are used by individuals for spraying hydrogen peroxide into areas that are small and hard to reach which the Sentinel Halo Disinfection Unit would not be recommended for i.e. nurseries. The handheld units are also used by plenty of our customers for spraying water based insecticides, pesticides for spraying crops and using other disinfectants, which is down to the durable plastic tanks they have.

- Can I carry out the fogging process myself? -

There are three different types of fogging, each one has a different purpose and equipment requirements.

The first type is whole room disinfection, which is a service IC Solutions 24/7 Limited take pride in offering. This uses the Sentinel Halo Disinfection Unit; operators must be trained before they can begin the process of fogging. This unit is used to spray a dry mist of hydrogen peroxide into the room, no one is permitted to enter whilst the process is on-going. This type of fogging is mainly used in larger areas such as hospitals, cruise ships and workplaces which have a higher concentration of people.

The next type is fogging through the use of handheld foggers such as our Cobra and Levanto units. We always provide user manuals when someone purchases one of these, as these units don’t require any training before use and they don’t necessarily need to be used with hydrogen peroxide.  This type of fogging is mainly used in smaller settings such as nurseries, smaller offices and commercial vehicles.

We also sell Total Release Foggers, Saniguard and Vardar which are sold in various sizes and are easy to use. They sanitise and deodorise simultaneously, killing 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses along stagnant odours that may be present. They can sanitise a room or vehicle in under an hour and don’t require any after wiping, as they leave behind no residue.  Total Release Foggers are for commercial use i.e. valeting and lodges, as well as in the home as they can be easily set off in bedrooms, living room and kitchens for a quick cleaning solution. Therefore, anyone can use them and they are provided with instructions.