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Automatic, whole room disinfection & decontamination

Reaches the places that traditional cleaning can't. Rooms are disinfected, dry, and ready for use in just 20 minutes.

Rapid Response Decontamination Services

When you have an outbreak and require urgent treatment, our experts have your back.
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AirPure Smart Air Purification and Quality Monitoring

The AirPure T02 is an industry leading, yet cost effective way to fulfil your duty of care and give everyone clean air.

Sanitise Almost Anything!

The world's first, and only, Dry-on-Contact sanitising spray. Safe to use on almost anything, including powered on electronic devices!
It keeps internal and external high touch areas, including door handles and lift buttons sanitised.

Disinfect Whole Rooms & Cars, Fast!

Self manage your infection control regime. Three different sizes of self administered fogging canisters are available to decontaminate cars and their air-con units, all the way up to large 625 sq ft rooms.

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Global Leaders in Whole Room Disinfection

We are an established global provider of the state of art infection control & prevention products and services. We provide an innovative range of whole room disinfection products, including room fogging equipment which is also known as “touchless disinfection”. 

We also offer a full range of decontamination and mould remediation products & services which include a Europe Wide Rapid Response.

We work to your timescale keeping disruption to a minimum. Our services are available 24/7 365 days of the year, and even 366 in a leap year!

Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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Cutting Edge Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging Technology

As well as the very latest hydrogen peroxide fogging technology for whole room disinfection, we also supply the latest in UVC products,

There is a product to suit every budget and every industry.

With attractive finance options available and a broad range of products, we can assist you in deciding on the most suitable product/s tailored for your requirements.

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Featured Products

  • saniguard spray 1saniguard spray tech2

    SaniGuard Dry on Contact Sanitising Surface Spray (300ml)

    Consumables £14.99£149.90 + VAT
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  • vardar 1vardar slider 3

    Vardar Total Release Fogger – Decontaminate Large Vehicles & Smaller Rooms

    Consumables £9.49£94.90 + VAT
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • saniguard 90 1saniguard fogger use

    SaniGuard Total Release Fogger – Decontaminate Whole Rooms & Vehicles

    Consumables £10.49£149.90 + VAT
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  • a2z robot room

    a2z Disinfection Robot

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Limited Time Offer - 2 for 1

Vardar Vehicle & Small Room Fogging Canisters

Decontaminate cars and their air-conditioning reservoirs or smaller rooms

BUY ONE - GET ONE FREE! (Until 31st December 2021)

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